Light fixtures not UL-rated?

karl_in_nyFebruary 23, 2013

I'm restoring some vintage ceiling fixtures, for the most part refinishing them and replacing cloth wire with modern fixture wire and new sockets.

These all pre-date UL labeling and none have a grounding conductor.

Will there be any code issues installing restored old fixtures, and should a ground conductor be added?

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Don't ask, don't tell. Most inspectors do not bother to look in residential situations.
On one large job, a gymnasium at a state-supported university, we had all the lights installed on the ceiling-- 35 feet high. Inspector discovered that no UL Listed labels were on the fixtures. Manufacturer had not placed them on the fixtures and was not permitted to send them to us to affix them. Fixtures were removed, repackaged, shipped back to Chicago (USA made!), labels were affixed and the fixtures shipped back to us for reinstallation. Manufacturer paid the bill.
In NC, it is illegal to offer for sale any electrical device that is not listed by a recognized testing laboratory. Enforcement is very rare.
Do provide an effective grounding means, say nothing and better than 99% chance that it will go well for you.

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Do the fixtures have metal housings?

It is usually not hard to add the ground line.

If they are non-conductive material (ceramic or plastic) it is sort of moot.

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Now, I'm thinking the bigger issue may be that they all lack the IBEW "union-made" labels....

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