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silvamaeAugust 3, 2009

Here's a link to the latest completed one; it's a full-size guitar entitled 'Texas Women in Music.' It's on my blog where you can also view what I've been working on for almost a year, the stair risers in my home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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Silva, that is one cool guitar, really beautiful!

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Silva love your guitar. I passed one up at a gs for a couple of bucks. Should've but didn't. Your stair risers are looking good.


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What Eye Candy it all is!!! Yummy!!!heh heh!

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Wow !!!!! that is so neat!!

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My GOODNESS, SILVA!! Both projects are filled w/so many interesting things. I notice you tumbled all your glass on the stair risers - smart lady. I wouldn't have the patience to do that. Sure makes a difference in the appearance. The stringers are PERFECT for the guitar strings. What did you put inside the guitar - looks nice.

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So much to learn. I loved the way you included jewelry and other pieces with your tiles etc. It tells a story as well as being striking (not to make a The stair risers are amazing...I tried to think of how you would have to put them on....must have had to be on your stomach on the lowest one. Quite an accomplishment.

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i love the blog and just bookmarked it to my fav's!! that guitar is great :) i love the thought of doing the stair risers - yours turned out beautifully!

i'm working on a guitar, too. i play (not very well but it's fun) so my dad used to pick up cheap guitars for me at garage sales all the time. a lot of them were damaged in some way or other so i'm using one of those. i'm not sure whether or not to do the sides or the back. i'm leaning toward just sticking to the front because of the amount of work and the amount of glass that would need.

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The guitar is gorgeous but WOW I hadn't realized you are still doing your stairs... they really amaze me! how many stairs are there? so to date, you have or haven't installed any of them? such a work of art!

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You gave me a great idea not to throw my broken guitar. Instead of throwing I will adopt your idea and style if you don't mind. But I think It would take too long because I will still need to collect on the material which I will be going to use. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos you posted.

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Best way to keep the "music" alive!
I did a violin a while back and enjoyed every minute of it.
Great work.
Those spacers are totally awesome!

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What a cool guitar!!! I too did a guitar, awhile back for my grandson. It was a small childs guitar. He is a Dale Jr fan (Nascar) so it has an 8 on it an other things he wanted. But I used a lot of the same tiles you have on yours!!! Your stairs are gorgeous!!!!!!! I still want to do my stairs (maybe this winter). Beautiful work on both!!!! I'll see if I can find a pi of my quitar

Here is a link that might be useful: Chase's guitar

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Thank you all! Chase's guitar is great! Slow, I glued crumpled metallic gold tissue paper inside the guitar. Then I sealed it with lacquer. I am working on another guitar and this one I plan to spray paint it black on the inside.

Here's how I'm doing the stair risers. I carefully measured each one (they aren't exactly the same). I had Lowe's cut plexiglass to fit. Have to use the thicker plexiglass so that it won't flex much. I drilled a hole in each end of each rectangle. I then sat at the kitchen table and mosaiced each one, and grouted, and sealed. Then I installed using one screw at each end. So easy!

So, no, I am not down on my knees working. I knew I would not be physically able to do that. That's why I came up with this idea of using plexiglass panels. When gluing the tesserae, I took care to place the more bulky items near each end and put the thinner smoother pieces near the center where people would be walking so they wouldn't hit their heel on something as they came down the stairs. If you go to my blog and scroll to the bottom there is a place to click for older entries and if you go there you will see the beginnings of the project.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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