Who Installs Pool Light

auggie1020February 15, 2014

Hi All:

Bought a house with existing in-ground pool with underwater light. I have to replace the light fixture and bought an LED fixture and bulb that has to be installed. I want to make sure that the fixture is properly installed and the electrical that it runs to (GFCI) which is mounted outside and is a good two feet above the light fixture is all working properly. Would I hire and electrician for everything or a pool guy? Any thoughts/suggestions?


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Ron Natalie

I would find an electrician that has experience in pools and knows Article 680 cold. I would not trust either a "pool guy" or the average electrician. Call the a pool installer and ask for recommendations on a savvy electrician.

I can't parse the reset of your sentence. What is mounted two feet above the light fixture? Where is it mounted? How close to the waterline (rather than the fixture) both vertically and horizontally.

Even with low voltage fixtures you need to be careful. A tank full of water you are about to immerse your self and family in is no place for amateur electrical work.

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Couldn't agree more. Forget the pool guy, and find an electrician familiar with this stuff.

When I moved to where I am now I was amazed at how little the local guys knew about pools, especially built-in. Where I was before (Long Island) pools, especially built-in, were commonplace, and I had wired many

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I would call a few pool contractors in the area and find out what electrical contractors they typically use for their electrical installations.

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