Is There A Functional Noise Barrier For Windows?

candlerJune 21, 2011

I live just outside Asheville, N.C. (Buncombe County). The supposedly Noise Ordinance is like spitting into the ocean and trying to make a wave - completely useless. The neighbor kids cycles go from morning to night. Is there material that I can put on or over my windows that is functional as a noise barrier? Thanks, Gene

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You can use a storm window made to reduce sound. The important spec to look at on any storm window built for sound reduction would be the STC rating. The higher the rating, the less sound transmission.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mon Ray Storm Windows

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This is noise control from a new angle, but did you know that cellular shades are not only energy efficient but they also have varying degrees of sound absorbtion. "Double Cellular Shades" would provide the best sound absorbtion. Bali Blinds has a great selection and they even have a free mobile app download that helps you choose colors and order free swatches. Check it out at

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Thanks for your notes. I'm glad to know about STC ratings. Also, about BaliBlinds. I did the vinyl window replacement thing two years ago. Fourteen windows. Three windows were a set. Sort of thins the wallet doesn't it.

I'll go to Home Depot and look around. Seems any direction
will be fairly expensive but before my nerves are totally shot I must do something. I have a few sheets of blue 2"x4'x8' Styrofoam panels I got a few years back for a project. My windows are 6'Wx3'H. For the time being I think I'll put them against the inside windows of a two window room. They'll be ugly-ugly and I'll have to burn lights during the day but if they retard at least some of their noise I won't care

It's a shame when one's neighbor can dictate when, or if, I can rest my old body, or use my computer. Doesn't say much for my area's government, does it. Regards, Gene

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