Anderson 400 Series Double Hung New Construction Window Question

16cassieJune 18, 2011

I've just been told that the Anderson 400 Series New Construction Double Hung windows now come in more custom made sizes, and that they are doing this because the Woodrights are on the "outs". Does anyone know if this is true, because I was told at first that the 400 series wouldn't work for me, as I have Peachtree windows and the size differences were too much. I'll be happy if they ARE making more custom sizes in the 400 series. Anyone have any info on that?

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Andersen Windows here. No plans to stop making the Woodwright custom double hung window. And you're right about our popular 400 Series Tilt-Wash double hung. It's now available in custom sizing to 1/8". That should easily solve your sizing problem. Thanks for checking into it and for your interest in Andersen. You can talk to a local dealer or Home Depot store if/when it comes time to order.

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Okay, now I am really confused, because the Anderson rep who first told me that the woodrights were on the "outs" and that 400 series new construction is available in more custom sizes, just called and said he made an error and they are only "insert" windows being offered in more sizes and NOT NEW CONSTRUCTION! So please, Anderson Window guy who just posted on 6/23, could you PLEASE tell me if the 400 Series are offered in NEW CONSTRUCTION in custom made sizes??? Please help me as I'm going nuts!!!

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We regret that you are still confused about the window information you have recieved. Please call us at 888-888-7020 and we?ll try to help you. Andersen 400 Series Tilt-Wash and casement windows are available prepped for replacement in custom sizes to 1/8". This is the SAME window as our new construction product; it?s just custom sized (if needed) and prepped for use as a replacement product including a full frame and the materials needed to complete the job. It is true that an insert window for our Narroline product is available as well and that could be where the confusion began. Again, we have no plans to discontinue production of the Woodwright product. If what you are looking for is a custom sized, full-frame window, for use in new construction, remodeling or replacement we have it. In addition, we have a full range of glass, grille and hardware options to fit just about any style needs. I hope that helps.

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