Silicone question

texasfernAugust 26, 2008

After using up my little tube of GE I decided to get the big one, gunned some into a jar to use.

Most of it dried up as I was using it?

Is there a better way to do this?

I thought this would be economical, but at this rate it won't be.

Also, what do you use to clean it off the tiles and stuff you use to apply it?

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I've only used the bigger tubes once but I just pressed some onto a plastic container lid, like a couple of ounces, and covered the opened silicone with some plastic wrap and an elastic band, used a popcycle stick to put it on with,with practice I don't get as much silicone everywhere now, but I use a utility blade to scrape off the mess after it's set. Hope this helps....

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I used GE Silicone II on my project too and used the big tube, just squeezing out a glob and using it with popcycle sticks too. Most have recommended cleaning up within a day or two I think, but I let mine set there awhile. I scraped with an exacto knife and my fingernail to pick up any spots, then cleaned and polished the rest with Goofoff. It seemed to work well. Ready to grout!

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Ya..that goof off really works good!!!! Killer smell, but heck, ya don't really notice after the silicone!hahahahaha!
Actually, I was doing my frog today and using my silicone and seemed to forget to eat...and even reheated my coffee twice BEFORE I even had a sip...had made it hrs ago! lol! I keep saying to myself...I'll just glue on one more pc..... hee hee!

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Hey, Calamity, I hope you're working in a ventilated area. LOL

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Texasfern - I use the 'gunnable' tube of GEII on most of my projects and have a simple trick to get the most out of a tube...a needle-less syringe and a push pin. I gun the GEII into the syringe then cap the tube with a plastic cap to help protect what's in there. Using the plunger, apply the amount needed from the syringe and stick the push pin into the end of the syringe to "cap" it. when I'm done for the day I simply squeeze a small amount of GEII out the syringe to form a sort of bubble on the end (this gets all the air out of the syringe), insert the push pin into the bubble firmly, rotate it needed to get a good seal and pull back on the plunger. If the plunger pulls itself back down the syringe. If it doesn't retract I wipe off the tip and repeat. This will keep the GEII in the syringe usable for a few days. Each time I refill the syringe with GEII I wipe it out with a piece of tissue and wipe off the plunger to remove any cured silicon.

Takes just a few seconds, but does solve the waste problem.


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Pat, that is a wonderful suggestion.
I got just alittle frustrated yesterday, but I think this will be a good solution.
Thanks everyone!
Hey Calamity, open a window girl!

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Well Pat already said what I was going to tell you. I too use a syringe, about like you would use for animals. I get mine from American Science & Surplus. I use one for the GEII and one for the DAP. I think this would work for Weldbond too but I don't use much of it. I like being able to keep my fingers out of it a bit.
Daisyme said she read to spray your piece with water and the silicone would turn white and show itself making it easier to scrape off the tess. I haven't tried this yet as I plan to take a scalpel and clean the tess on the gourd before I grout tomorrow.

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Well, I TRIED this method this week(of spraying the silicone) because I'd read it would work, but I didn't see that it changed the color at all. I had the best luck just eyeing the piece in good light.

Does anyone else have an idea of where to buy those syringes that might be easy? It's a great idea. Thanks, Texas!

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That syringe idea is great! I am going to just ask my vet when I take the dog in for his shots. Or you could check a pet supply store.

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Any pharmacy will have them too for giving kids their DH uses one to put this ear goop in his ear(don't ask?!?)

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That is a great idea. Thanks Thanks Curb and Flag

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Should have told you - I get mine either at the vet or thru a locally owned pharmacy (Wally World was a strike out). They're about $0.20 each either place.

Good idea on spraying the GEII - I'll have to try that soon!


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While I'm working with it, I make sure a little bit (less than half an inch or so) squirts out the end of the tube if I'm working slowly. This little glob is enough to keep it from hardening up inside the nozzle. When I'm through, I use the same trick, making sure that the smallish glob is smeared over the whole end of the tube so no air can get in. I have found that generally speaking, because it's quite a long time between projects usually for me, that a pin or roofing nail doesn't work for keeping the air out entirely, nor does the cover that came with it.

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And the hints keep on coming!
Thanks so much.
I am having some health issues with mom right now, but I am hoping to get this darn thing done as soon as possible.

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