disconnecting electrical wiring

noodles91380February 9, 2010

I am renovating an investment property. The basement was "finished" but it was shoddy, moldy and not up to code. I am contracting out the carpentry, electrical and drywall for the work about to be done, but I am doing the demolition myself.

I know very little about electrical wiring, there are currently outlets mounted on some of the studs, and the reading I am getting using my 3-pronged outlet tester is "Open Ground". How do I safely disconnect these outlets so I can knock out the rest of these studs?


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" How do I safely disconnect these outlets"

go to the panel and find what circuit breaker they are on and shut it off. Take them out, then get your electrician in there to hook up temporary lighting or whatever else you might need.

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I plug in a trouble light and hang it where I can see it from the main panel and flip breakers till the light goes out. If you have a panel that is marked correctly you can skip this step.

After you turn off the breaker test the outlet again to be sure it is off.

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Yeah, that's what I figured I'd do, I still need to demo around the circuit breaker (the morons who tried to DYI this thing made it nearly inaccessible by putting walls up all around it). There is an outlet on one end of the basement that is up to code and we are keeping in tact, so we can at least keep a lamp plugged into that one. The problem is the switches aren't labeled in the box, so I'll have to trial and error to see which ones control the outlets I'm trying to disconnect.

Do you know what a standard 3-prong tester should read once the outlet is completely deactivated?

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The 3 prong testers use juice from the outlet to power those lights. If the outlet doesn't have power, you get no lights.

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