Joining oven pigtail to NM-B 8/3g

mikemrFebruary 14, 2010

What's the proper per-code method to attach a residential oven's #8 stranded conductors (in flex armor) to the branch circuit's 8/3 w/ground (stranded conductors)? This is a dedicated 4-wire circuit of course.

The splices are housed in a 4" square steel box (2-1/8" deep, 30cuin) with the grounds bonded to the box.

Thanks in advance.

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The code doesn't specify the ways you can do this, and there are many diferent acceptable ways to do it. I have seen soooo many wirenuts melted off of this connection that I will not use a wirenut even though it is listed and allowable for the application. I use split bolts on this connection, wrench tight and then one layer of 33+ wrapped sticky side out ( in case you need to take it apart later ) then a couple of layers of splicing tape, covered with a last layer of 33+. I have never had a callback on this connection method. There may be other ways that work well enough, but this method is bullit proof.

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OK groundrod you read my mind, split-bolts are exactly what I wanted to use (wouldn't even consider wire nuts unless the code forced me to use them). Interesting tip on the inside-out Scotch 33, I've never tried that (but will). Do you ever use a thin layer of Scotchkote to prevent the tape from migrating/unwinding over the years? I use Scotchkote outdoors on top of 33 and the splice lasts forever (and stays completely sealed).

Thank you!

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I have never had a problem with 33+, as 3M makes some good products that they are very proud of, and you can tell by the price. There are some other, cheaper, ones that you might need to dip in epoxy to keep them on. I also wish there was an edit function for the posts as the split-bolt method is also bullet proof as well.

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Yes, there's a reason that we pay extra for 3M and not use some made-in-china junk! No problem on the spelling I knew exactly what you meant ... thanks again.

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