set up woodwooking shop

Tot59January 1, 2011

Best way to lay out a woodworking shop

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Is there a question here?
If you're asking for the best way, the answer is:
It Depends.

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Randy is right ...It depends on a lot of things. What tools you have. What do you plan to make. What shape is your work area. What are your power sources.How big is your work space . What are your goals. Is it somewhat climate controlled.Will you be mixing other types of work in your shop.Do you have seperate lumber storage.What are your financial resources. The list goes on.
If you are newly starting WW I would say keep it simple and mobile.Also ask a lot of questions on good WW forums about power and hand tools.Watch for answers that repeat.
I guess I would ask myself ...What do I want to accomplish and do those things that would get me there.You wont always know but if you ask other experienced WW it may save you a lot of work and money. Hope this helps. Happy woodworking and just do it . Johnny

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Taunton Press/ Fine Woodworking Magazine has many articles and books on setting up shop.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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