Possible to add 220v kitchen outlet in ground floor condo?

jaxoFebruary 13, 2011

I'm looking at buying a ground floor condo with attached garage. It would have another condo above it, so there is no attic.

Based this photo of the buildings, it looks to me that the electric breaker boxes for each condo area located outside on the exterior wall of the attached garage.

All the condos come with gas hookups for the range and an 110v outlet for power,

I want to replace the gas range with an induction, so I would need 220v in the kitchen. I did this in my current home, but he electrician ran the wires up into the attic and then down into the kitchen. Since there would be another condo above in the new place, I can't imagine how the wiring could be run from the breaker box to the kitchen without having any visible wires on the exterior of the building.

The only thing I can think of is drilling through to the unit's garage and then running the wires inside the garage to the interior of the condo along the ceiling to the kitchen and then down to the range. That would be an eyesore inside unless there is some way to fish the wiring through the ceiling so it doesn't show.

I think there is a 220 outlet in the laundry room just inside from the garage that will not be used because I want a gas dryer. Maybe that line could be extended through down the hall past the living room to the kitchen and used for the range instead?

Any ideas or is this just impossible to accomplish without visible wiring?

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We have too little information for concrete and specific suggestions. First, the dryer wiring is probably (almost certainly) not enough amperes for a conventional range. Second, the wiring can be run and not be visible if such an objective is worth considerable expense. Cutting into, and then patching, walls and ceilings is possible. A false wall could be built against an existing wall just accommodate the wiring if the existing cannot be cut. It can be done, but not necessarily at low cost.

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Your dryer circuit is almost certainly a 30 amp one. You'll probably need a 50 amp circuit for your range, so that's not going to work. You'll need a new circuit run from the main panel.

A good pro should be able to fish the wiring through the walls and/or ceiling. Depending on the layout, it may be necessary to break into the drywall for access.

I suggest you call 2 or 3 reputable local electricians and ask them to bid on your job.

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Agreeing with bus_driver that there is too little information...

At first glance at the pic of the condo exterior, it looks like a masonry (specifically, mostly concrete) building, not a stick-built structure. It depends on the structural methods used, but some buildings have channels or raceways running through the core that are not visible from a casual walk-around inspection.

You'd need access to the building plans and engineering details, but it is possible that there's a usable path that could be exploited here with fairly minimal damage to the interior or exterior walls.

One thing I'd look at is how the two HVAC units behind the storage room are fed. That might (or might not) provide a clue. You might get another piece of the puzzle by tracing the HVAC circuit at the panel to see if you can tell where it goes.

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Around here you would not have the right to go into the walls to modify the wiring since it is a condominium. I think you should check with the condominium association as to whether you could change the wiring in the first place.

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I found a video of a different floor plan and now I think those outside boxes would be for cable or something else.
I caught a glimpse of what looks like an electrical panel in the laundry room. Most likely, that would mean they are all inside.
So, if that's what it is, then the cables would need to somehow be run from the laundry to the kitchen and no changes to exterior walls, but there is still no attic access to aid routing the wires.

Check out this video and post what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: CONDO VIDEO

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First find out what your panel is wired for and check the main breaker. 100 amps or 200 amps. Find your electric meter to see how they might have run from it to your breaker box...
You might not be able to add that much power without an upgrade to your breaker box.

Then call an electrician....

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A condo situation lets you propose only.
Before that, it would be wise to examine the Declaration, By-Laws, and Condo Rules of any condo that interests you for unexpected items and even personally contact a board member to try to find out what reception your plans might receive. There may be restrictions regarding the appliance types permitted in a unit and also forbidding of energy conversion options.

It might be best to stick with gas or look elsewhere.

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