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ionized_gwFebruary 13, 2013

I have a room with plaster walls that were re-coated with plaster. The boxes are, predictably, recessed. Although they probably meet requirements, I'd like to bring the switch and outlets flush. I have a mixture of old, stud-mounted metal boxes and add-on plastic ones.

I tried a couple of washers behind the yoke on one plastic box, but it did not seem to help. Today I poked around a bit and found this:

Is this the best way? Are there alternatives? I don't understand how this will work with the differently-dimensioned boxes.


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Ron Natalie

Those are pretty much what you need. They even have them at the home centers. Of coure, they have to match the box size (they are slightl narrower than the box they fit into.

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Thanks, I'll poke around in the store on the way home tonight.

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Ironically enough, I just installed one of these very same extenders this morning on a receptacle with a single gang steel mud ring that was probably close to 1/2" back in the 5/8" dry wall - worked great.

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Thanks for the review.

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