Marvin Integrity or Andersen 400 windows

weiss528iJune 9, 2010

We are replacing all the windows in our home. I would like to have nice (wood) windows in the Family Room and Living Room (and will settle for vinyl in the rest of the house).

The pricing between the Marvin Integrity and the Andersen 400 series is roughly the same. Is one product better than the other? How do they compare quality wise?

I plan to put Milgard vinyl in the rest of the house. Is this okay?

I appreciate your feedback.


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Marvin Integrity would be my choice. As far as the balance of the home i would change the FR and LR now and save up until you can put Integrity throughout and stay away from Vinyl period, but this is just my opinion

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Why would you stay away from vinyl?

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I personally do not care for Vinyl, just my own preference I guess. I had sold vinyl but lower end and I guess it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I should not be so closed minded to it and do some research to educate myself on the better brands.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Afsa...the good vinyl brands out there now and days are really nice products now.

I would give them a second look now.

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Understood and will do windows. I happen to work for an Architectural Window and Door company and we do High End Residential on LI and in NYC(apartments,townhouses etc) and some commercial and our product are for the most part Wood, Wood/Alum, and all aluminum(Schuco,and our own brand Euroteq). So i don't have get involved in vinyl much but i will strive to become better educated in the product.

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