The Talavera tile saga continues...

loribee2August 19, 2010

Well, forget about my Talavera tile. It did not work out well for my project! The painted glaze chips off VERY easily, and the tiles themselves are quite brittle. The point of my search for 4X4 tiles as opposed to using mosaic squares was that I wanted an effect more like you see with stained glass, but with tile. I'm making a sunflower, and wanted to cut solid petal-shaped tiles. These tiles are not at all sturdy enough for that kind of nipping.

Since I don't want the expense of sending them back, I'll figure out another project to use them for, but I have to admit that was a $30 disappointment. The colors are sooo beautiful and earthy. I've instead gone to porcelain, and have found an on-line dealer who ships samples free of charge (you just pay the shipping). So it will be a while longer before I have pictures to share! :-(

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Very sorry for you, LORIBEE. I hope you'll be able to salvage them for another project. There was one member here last year or maybe longer ago that painted regular tiles, and I think I remember she used them for a backsplash over her stove. Perhaps you can paint yours w/glass or porcelain paint, bake them and use them for another project.

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Thanks slowmedown! I'll definitely find something to do with them. They cut okay if I keep it to 2X2 squares, so maybe I'll do a tabletop "quilt". I'm a newbie at concrete and mosaics, so I've got to expect a few bumps along the way, but it's the lemonade we make out of lemons that counts, right? ;-)

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