butcher block table refinishing

GermannagirlJanuary 13, 2012

I want to refinish a round butcher block table (circa 1981). The original finish has worn away on parts of the tabletop. The wood is some light, ashy beigey wood. The finish, which was thin and wore away, made the wood appear golden. We liked the golden glow.

Do I assume correctly that I should (a) strip the remaining finish with a chemical stripper, and (b) then sand, and then (c) apply a new finish? What types of products should be used? What type of finish would provide the golden glow and make the tabletop hardy enough for the kitchen?

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Your planned approach is correct. A varnish would be about the most durable finish that you can apply outside an industrial setting.

Most quality oil-based varnishes will impart some amber color. "Golden Glow" means different things to different people. The natural color of the wood and the choice of varnish will have impact on the resulting color. Once stripped and sanded, wet the top with a bit of mineral spirits to get a preview of the natural color. If that's not enough color, you can use a stain before varnishing.

Waterlox would be an excellent choice. Polyurethane would do if you wish. Wiping on Arm-r-seal (General Finishes wiping poly) would work.

Here is a link that might be useful: wipe on varnish finish

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