Help choosing grout color please!

clairedrennanAugust 17, 2011

Hi! I just stuck my first mosaic of any consequence to the wall and I really need some advice as far as grout color goes. I have both warm and cool colors as well as dark and light. I can't decide of I need to brighten the overall effect. It's a nightscape though so maybe a dark gray? I want to post a picture, how!?

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I would love to see a picture.
I have my pics on photobucket, but there are other on line storage sites. From there, I copy the html code (by clicking on it, and a tiny sign says "copied"), then I paste it right into my message.
A way to test grout color is to put some dry grout into the cracks of a portion of your mosaic. Then vacuum and blow it out. That is how I chose the colors for this little table.

The warm tan looked better with the table colors than gray. I had already grouted the bird dark grey as I wanted it to look like lead.
I chose gray for a lamp I made because it had bluish pinks in it and I thought that gray complemented that better than tan.
I never use white, but I have a friend who does and her things are beautiful. Her tess tends to be light background tho.
Hope this helps,

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Welcome to the forum, CLAIRE: As for grout color, I got tired of worrying about what color to use, so years ago I switched to charcoal or black for everything. I'm always happy with the effects they give. CONCRETE: Be careful vacuuming your grout. I read on this forum that one artist ruined her vacuum cleaner just by vacuuming the floor. Apparently there was a little moisture inside, and the cement ruined her vacuum cleaner.

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Welcome Claire, look forward to seeing your pictures.

Kathy-beautiful piece. Love that touch of the "dark side" with the shabby chic plates.

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Thanks slow that is a good point. I used my little cheapo hand vacuum and emptied it right away. But I did it without really thinking about why! Nice I do the right thing by mistake occassionally. Good to do it outside too, which is probably why I had the hand vac.

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