Check out my artwork on my website!

phish_gwAugust 27, 2008

Hi all

I don't post here much but I lurk a lot! One reason I don't post is I never mastered how to upload pictures. But I finally finished making my own website of my artwork. Here it is

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Hey good to see you come outta lurkdom! What a nice website! It is so easy to access! Nice job...and to see everything all together! Great!

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Wow, I love your site. I agree with calamity, it is so easy and painless to see everything you have done. Nice work, sounds like you have been a very busy. Yes, definately post pix of WIP's and let us see what you are working on. Many of us just posted pix on flicka or phtobucket or such, but looks like you can combine your's with a webstore so you can sell things.

Whatcha working on now??/.

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Hey, Phish! Thanks for posting your pictures. I really like your stepping stones and especially your blue and white table. Anything with crash glass is a big ..."YES!" to me. I've got to try that. Happy to have you about and don't make yourself scarce anymore, ok?

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Loved your website! The fall stained glass wreath is really beautiful!! I love it!! how talented you are. Looking forward to more posts from you! Jan

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Welcome from lurkdom, you talented lady, you! I love your art, especially the blue table and the SG wreaths!
Looking forward to seeing future works!

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cool web site, you have a lot of great things goin on, wanna see more :-)

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Great web site! Love your art. You are talented. I'd like to see more. Is it hard to build a website like that. I've looked over the freewebs site but I'm afraid to try. I'd probably make a mess of the whole thing.

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Hi all

Thanks so much for your compliments!

mermaid4life, I actually don't plan to sell things (I can hardly give them away!). I liked the website better than photobucket type places because I felt I could better organize and describe my pieces. I only have one WIP right now, it's a mosaiced easter bunny, but I'm not liking it so far, I think I'll be doing some rework on it!

daisyme, I made the stepping stones by first painting the base color, then using clear silicone glue to apply gold leaf and a little glitter, then the crash glass and later the grout. I got the idea from an HGTV show.

theeggshelllady, building this website really wasn't too hard. It was pretty straightfoward to learn and use. I had tried googlepages too which had a few advantages over freewebs, but images were terrible to work with, so freewebs ended up being the thing for me.

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