Glass Panel Cabinet Doors

UT_CowgirlJanuary 31, 2012

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen where we are using the existing stained oak cabinets and painting them. The problem we have run into is with the cabinet doors that have glass panes in them.

We would like to remove the glass so that we can clean/sand/prime/paint the doors. Unfortunately the glass was glued into the frame.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to remove the glued glass panels? We tried a blow dryer thinking the heat might make the glue give a little, but no luck!

Any help is much appreciated!!!

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you need a deglazing tool. like fein tool or the cheaper brand tool. a glass shop wouldnt charge too much. if not how close are you to idaho?

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We're in Texas, but thanks! We'll have to look into that option, thanks for the tip.

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A fein multimaster with the flat/sharp blade could get between the glass and the wood (from the front) to cut the sealant. From the back a sharp utility knife would cut it.
You will probably sustain some damage to the wood from the Fein. But there may be no perfect solution. Simply smashing the glass out (place the doors over a trash can) could still tear up the muntins, which are always very delicate in glass doors. If you don't have muntins in your doors, breaking the glass out is a faster cheaper alternative. The fein tools are very costly.

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