Provia entry door options (colors, glass, steel gauge)

neilwJune 18, 2010

We are replacing our front door (with sidelights) and side door, and having a hard time digging out from the pile of options to choose from. We have pretty much settled on Provia Legacy.

1) We are going with black exterior. Our interior trim is Benjamin Moore Navajo White, which unfortunately is about halfway in between the two white options from Provia. Provia can supply the door/sidelights with exterior painted and on the inside only primer. Should the door be painted before it is installed? This will make for interesting logistics with the installers. Wouldn't it be a mistake to get a white that doesn't quite match our interior just to save the trouble? I don't think we'd want a totally different contrasting color on the inside, though if we could choose one it would solve the problem.

2) Provia offers its steel entry doors in 20, 22, and 24 gauge steel. We are going 20 gauge for the front door, but considering going 24 gauge for the side door to save a few bucks. Provia claims the doors are the same other than the weight of the skin. Is it stupid to chintz out after already spending a pile? It's a $400 savings, which isn't chump change, and it seems like that door won't be seen or used nearly as much as the front door.

3) We are going nuts trying to figure out what to do with the glass. One aspect is that it seems to me that with black exterior, you can't see the glass design very much, and it becomes a waste of money to get a fancy leaded glass painted black outside. But it'll presumably be visible all the time from the inside. I don't know which is more important. Any thoughts on glass style to go with black exterior?

These are my top dilemmas right now. Input appreciated!

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If your planning on using a storm door, DO NOT get the door painted black nor paint it a dark color. The glass surround will invariably melt or warp, and the door more than likely will not be warrantied. Pretty much every steel and fiberglass door company i have ever dealt with will not warrant a door painted a dark color under any circumstances.

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Wow, that's interesting. I've seen lots and lots of dark (including black) doors with storm doors in our neighborhood. Does it matter that it's under a porch and will not ever see direct sun?

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My bad, i read the warranty for the Provia doors and black is an allowable color. First steel or fiberglass mfr i have seen who will allow it but that's great for you

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I should point out that the black color is only available on fiberglass and textured steel. Not available on the smooth steel. I have no idea why.

I would definitely recommend the factory paint. I would also disagree that black mutes the beauty of the camed glass. If anything it enhances the look. I would also spend a little more and get the rear doors in 20 gauge steel. Why would you want to have the doors most in need of security made of the thinnest steel? I would think you'd want the heaviest gauge steel on rear doors. I would also make sure the installer puts in the steel security plate for the deadbolt lock.

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>I should point out that the black color is only available on fiberglass and textured steel

Very good to know. Weird.

>Why would you want to have the doors most in need of security made of the thinnest steel?

I am unclear to what extent the steel thickness affects the security of the door. Is literally breaking through or cutting through the door panel a likely means of break-in? By that theory, wouldn't any fiberglass door be comparatively insecure? I had thought that weakness in the frame and/or locks was more likely to be exploited by a would-be intruder.

In the meantime, our decision pendulum might be swinging back towards Heritage fiberglass with a woodstain finish (for the front door at least). Don't worry, we'll change our minds a few more times again before we order!

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Did you go with the Heritage fiberglass from Provia and are you happy with your choice. I am in the process of deciding on a few entry doors. I am considering the Provia Heritage fiberglass in a dark color for the front door.
Was also wondering how a black door would look on brick house that has white shutters and white garage door. any thoughts?

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That post was from 2 years ago. Black is now available on the smooth steel as well as Signet Fiberglass. I think a black door will go well with white shutters.

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Thanks Eco!

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The Provia Heritage is a great door. You would not be disappointed in that choice.

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We did end up going with the Heritage fiberglass in... I dunno, I think it was "dark oak" or something like that. Very happy with the results, although I probably would still had preferred the black if it had been available.

Quality is excellent, and the door is smooth as silk (operationally speaking.) Although, with a fiberglass door, I'd say the long term durability is the bigger question, and we won't know the answer to that for a while.

In any case, I don't know for sure if the door I got is so much better than less expensive doors or not, but I certainly feel like I got a high quality product.

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We decided on the Provia Signet Fir in Black with lehigh glass due to the style door we want.
Thanks for all the feedback!

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