Weird Garbage Disposal Wiring and Breaker

plumeriavineFebruary 2, 2010

The garbage disposal is supposed to be on a dedicated circuit. It was installed at the end of November. It stopped working. We checked the breaker. The breaker wasn't tripped. We turned the breaker off and on. The circuit worked again. Again, the dispoal stopped working. Again, we reset the UNTRIPPED breaker.

What is wrong with the wiring?

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What type breakers do you have? They don't all show an obvious indication of being tripped.
As for why it's tripping, try using the maintenance wrench that came with the GD to see if it turns without undue resistance when turned off and no debris is in the drain.

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GDs have built in overload protection.

The red button on the red button on the bottom of the unit should require resetting if the GD is locked up.

If the breaker is tripping there very well could be a problem with the feed to the GD, or even the connection in the base of the GD or the switch wiring.

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