2 new crosses

oldcraftyAugust 2, 2010

I made these 2 crosses as BD presents, which I gave this weekend. My aunt collects red birds, that how I came about that subject matter. I have never used black glass before but was very pleased how it turned out and will definately use it again!

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Very pretty! I just love the cardinal one! Black and any bright color is always my fave!

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Very pretty I love red birds also.
Do you use any thing like admix in your concrete?

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How lovely - both. I like black too, and use it often. Your Vincas are also pretty. I never got around to planting any in the spring.

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Gorgeous! Are these on stakes for yard art or is there a hanger in the back?

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Nanatricia: I'm still kinda new at this cement making. I don't add admix as I'm not real sure of what that is. The guys at our lumber yard are not into cement as they can't answer many questions I have. I did research on the internet and found out how to replace some of the sand with perolite, the kind used in a garden, to make it lighter weight. You can also use vermiculite, but it doesn't seem to mix up as smoothly. The perilite makes a BIG difference in the weight. So far, so good, I've not had any fall apart yet, guess time will tell.

Chinatreasures: I place a piece of PVC pipe in the mold and pour the cement around it so that it is concealed in the middle. I put a piece of tape over the bottom of the PVC so the cement won't fill it up,and place as close to the bottom as I can, and hope it doesn't move up too much when I bounce the bubbles out. Then I drill the cement to expose the opening. They are too heavy to hang. They are strictly for the yard.

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Both of them are very cute but the black cross with cardinal is my favorite! Good job.

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I love your crosses! Do you sell them, if not, you should!

Here is a link that might be useful: YouTube

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