Keystoning technique

flagtruckAugust 25, 2008

Here is the link to the excerpt from Sonia's book about keystoning. It will maginify so you can read and print it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sonia King+keystoning

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Thanks for yet another great link, Flag. What a manual I'm compiling. (smile)

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Thanks Flag..that's great info!1

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thanks so much for this valuable info, flag!

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Thanks Flag.
I am just going to have to break down and get this wonderful book.

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aw shucks!! I got a message saying I have reached my limit of viewing pages.. strange message but i plead guilty because i was looking at her book earlier.

wonder how long it will be before I am unblocked!!!

thanks for posting link, i'll have to see if there is another way to few that area. I did borrow the book from a library when I first started out, and just MIGHT have copied it then... going to check right n ow.

thanks ...

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Thanks for the link! I had to go to Amazon and order it. ;)

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