Tile trivets with wood molding edges

linnea56January 16, 2008

I bought some hand-painted tiles. I want to use them as trivets and also be able to hang them up on the wall when not in use as decoration. I donÂt want to re-invent the wheel, so I imagine someone here has made a lot of these and can advise me. I think I am making this way too complicated.

I plan on using some egg-and-dart oak molding that will tie in with other molding I have added in the kitchen. Under the tile itself I thought I would use some masonite or plywood. The tiles are a little thin, maybe 3/8 inch, so I think they need some backing. IÂm not sure how I should attach the molding to the base, whether it should be recessed or whatever. If the base is recessed, I would have to nail through the sides of the molding: therefore the base material would have to be thicker. Or could make a corner block. The egg-and-dart molding is rather thick and substantial.

And should the tile just be glued in? Since it will conduct heat I need to have a glue that will not weaken with heat, so the tile wonÂt fall out when hanging someday.

For hanging I was thinking about using a keyhole-type insert. Is there anything that would be better? Thanks in advance!

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I have one of these that's 25 years old and used daily. I think you might be over analyzing. (Something I'm often guilty of). I just made a frame, cut a rabbet in the top and dropped the tile in with some glue. I probably just used yellow wood glue, but I can't really remember. Lately, I have started to use GOOP for a lot of mixed mode gluings. It keeps some flexibility and seems to hold well.

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(I forgot to check the e-mail response box when posting so didnÂt know anyone had answered)

Thanks for your response, bobsmyuncle.
I do overanalyze, thatÂs true. What concerns me is that I want to be able to hang it on the wall, so donÂt want to have the tile drop out. Has anyone made a hanging one? I had not thought of Goop, I do have some. I donÂt have the equipment to rabbet, but having a wooden base under the tile will work as well.

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You could also use epoxy. A good one, like JB Weld is heat proof.

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