Highchair Renewal

roamjoJanuary 27, 2009

I have an old highchair that is covered with flaking black paint, I want to be able to keep the look but remove the flaking paint without removing all the paint - it has gold details on the chair that i would like to keep - should I just wash the chair down with denatured alcohol , acetone or lacquer thinner?

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Any chemical that will remove the flaking paint will also remove the non-flaking paint. If you just want to knock off the loose flakes, you'll have to do so mechanically. If the flakes are very loose then you might just scrub the chair down with a scotchbrite pad or something similar. But, really, if the flaking is extensive and the chair is old, it's time to kiss the gold details goodbye and completely strip the whole chair. That old paint may contain lead, which, in a high chair, is just a nightmare waiting to happen.

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