confusion--too many names / brands / models

shadygroveJune 30, 2011

My head spins to the point of exhaustion when I read all the posts about replacement windows and I throw myself on your good graces, at the risk of repeating old information.

I would love to have some suggestions as to manufacturers / models for what seems to me to be my simple needs.

I need to replace fifteen windows, un-named brand and un-traceable, which were bought builder's grade presumably from Lowe's twenty-five years ago. The original windows are all now having some problems with the weird spring in their side sashes that keeps the windows gliding smoothly. I am unable to locate replacement parts or repair, as the windows were all originally placed in from the exterior as single-hung sealed units.

What I am looking for are aluminum exterior, wood interior, 30" x 60" windows without lites, either single- or double-hung, I don't much care, as plain as plain can be. Without installation, anything decent to last another twenty-five years in the $400-$500 range? I live in central Virginia.

I'm not trying to get out of doing my homework, its just an overwhelming number of brands.......

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Windows on Washington

Is the range that you threw out just on the materials or are you looking for an installed price?

I don't think your range will get you into a good clad wood windows installed by any stretch. That is right at the bottom end of the scale for what is normally good vinyl installation prices.

I consider a good clad wood window to be Marvin, Eagle, Loewen. Pella might make the lower end of that list as well but they seem to be fraught with issues.

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I second wow, a decent wood/extruded aluminum clad window will cost you that all on its own without any installation.

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Yes, thanks. I had meant that figure to be the uninstalled price--for the materials alone. Any recommendations with that clarification?

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The only thing you are going to find in that price range is going to be something like Trimline or Peachtree.

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Thanks for the Marvin, Lowen and Eagle recommendation.

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It has been a few years since I sold wood windows but after thinking about it sky is correct, you won't touch a Marvin, or Loewen window for those price and I am sure Eagle will be more as well. Marvin is an excellent window but comes with a price, Loewen and Eagle in my opinion are ok to good windows but not in Marvin's class

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