haelp..emergency! tu 242pm

deborahmc52August 5, 2008

just finished the slab off the garage..been wiping it down BUT thunder poss rain coming..need to keep wiping tho nearly at the dry towel stage..but..what to do!!?? espec if rains for a while? help!! Thanks..QUICK!! anyone??


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Don't quite understand your message, but IF you mean you mosaiced it, and it starts to rain while it's wet, why not cover it w/plastic tarp or drop cloths?

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yeah sorry so cryptic..mosaiced the slab off the garage, juust finished grout, have been wiping off grout, but poss rain..I'm just about at dry towel stage, but afraid if left ther too long would be disastrous? I can wipe with towel now but wanted to keep doing sponge thing..for a few more swipes

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Bless your heart. I felt the panic in your message. You can get any grout film off w/vinegar later. I've even taken dried grout off my workshop wall when I'd forget it. When I have leftover grout, and spread it on the workshop wall project that I hate, I'm always too tired to focus on taking it off. What I'm saying - it's possible to scrape it off and wipe up after it's dried. Don't panic. You can get it off - takes a bit of work, but it WILL come off, then a nice vinegar bath and wipe, and it'll be good.

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thanks sooo much..it's looking pretty good, rain held off and went South of us to Palm Bay..taking LOTS of elbow grease tho since its SO hot out there it bakes on pretty fast..will post a pic soon..thanks again slow..:>) appreciate it alot.

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I loved this message and Slow's response. What friends we have here......

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Hey Slow..sorry for the questions..wht vinegar?..first?, then seal the grout..or..? Grouted the wall planters and the bowling ball too! On a roll..(have a few more wall planters to mosaic, then more balls! a birdbath, wine chillers..) suggestions about sealing the planters and ball? I'll post pix asap..thanks again! LOVE this site and all the support..personal situation very tough right now so, this is so great! Thanks!!

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We're a great team here - I'm just sharing my experiences, not advising. I DO advise you, DEB, on calling the pros - Mapei on the mortar, but don't like to advise anyone on other things. We learn by experiences, and I'm just sharing mine. Yes, white vinegar first. That'll take off any remaining grout film, and make your project nice and clean and shiny. WOW - you ARE on a roll. On the bottle of the Tile Lab Glossy it states it's only for interior. I don't care what it says, I use it for exterior too. I only use it to change the look of the flat grout. I suppose there's a sealer for outside tiles, so why not discuss this w/Mapei when you call them.

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I so agree! call them!
I would go with a the pool sealer on a driveway...
I had too many mishaps early on, that almost made me call it quits! I will never do a birdbath for sale again! water just doesn't work over the long haul! mortor is what everyone says to me now. Done with outside stuff! I sell my stuff, and just can't depend on anything for the long haul!
Let us know!!

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