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milehighgranJune 8, 2010

I would sincerely appreciate any input ya'll might care to offer.

We purchased a house in a cold climate a year ago. Sadly, the house had cascade windows and sliders. This is a horrible brand and we froze during a very harsh winter.

We are doing research for replacements but this is quite a project given the variety out there.

We prefer wood, so are drawn to Marvins as we had them in another house. But they are very pricey. We're getting a quote on Pella's sundefense with the argon and low E glass.

Does anyone have any advise. We have 18 openings, so this is a large project. We plan to stay in this house for many years, so getting the best windows we can get is our first choice. We've feel differently if we ever planned to move.

Thank you for your help. I'm to the point of confusion given the many, many options.

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If you plan to stay in the house for a long time do you homework well. Research all the brands on this site(especially Pella) You will find Marvin enjoys a good reputation as would Kolbe & Kolbe. Their are others on here who will give you better advice on the type of glass they would recommend so i will stick to just the window manufacturers themselves.

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Marvin is our first choice, but living in a small town, there is no one here big enough to be a distributor. Any installer has to get them from a middle man making the price tag impossible to handle. We've done a ton of research and everyone has good and bad to say about almost every brand, making a little knowledge a good AND bad thing.

But thanks, we're still researching.

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