wiring diagram needed for can lights with a twist

logcabinorchardFebruary 12, 2013

I have a 6 can/pot light configuration on a single pole switch with a twist. The hot from the electical box feeds the first can light which has the out from the switch (end of line) and the out for another can light but i have an independent 14/2 going to a gas fireplace that has to operate indpendent of the switch. So in total i have the hot, the switch, the can light, the out to the next can light and an out to the fireplace all in the one pot junction (5 wires). How do i wire this to ensure the pots run in parellel by way of the swich but the fireplace runs independent from the hot from the box unaffected by the switch? Hope this is clearer than it sounds.



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Does the switch control the fireplace? Does the fireplace operate only when the lights are on?
The post seems to say that the power supply goes first to one of the lights, and then a switch leg goes from there to the switch. How many cables in the box where the switch is located? And how many insulated conductors in that cable?

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All wiring is 14/2. Switch is end of line with only one cable (2 wires and a ground) from the light. The pot light is serving as the junction for everything. The fireplace needs to be independent from the switch so always live (unaffected whether on or off) ... the electrical out from the junction to the gas fireplace runs the fan. So the power supply runs into the junction, a cable runs to the fireplace, a cable runs to the switch, a cable runs to the other pot light and then there's the pot light itself.

Thanks for your interest in helping ...

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Identify the power cable at the light. The white (neutral) from it should be connected directly to the light, as well as the whites from all the other lights and the fireplace plug. Test to verify that it is the power cable. Do not confuse it with the switch leg. Then identify the cable going to the fireplace. Connect those whites together along with the white from the light fixture. Connect the black from the power cable and the black from the fireplace together with the conductor going to the switch-- it probably is a white, perhaps with black tape marking it. If any of this is confusing, do not make any changes-- call an electrician.

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So power w, junction pot light w, fireplace w and other pot white together
power b, fireplace b and switch w together
switch b, junction pot b and other pot b together?

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