Niche WIP

texaswildAugust 9, 2013

Next project after making Shea's birdbath. Started this yesterday afternoon and finished about noon today. Can't wait to start it. Plans now are to paint a darkish, grungy blue w/some mosaic pieces added.
Niche WIP

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That's going to look awesome!!! Gotta ask though, what do you use water putty for. I've never heard of it, but if you use it I'm sure there's a good reason!

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To fill in all the imperfections of my carpentry. It's a powder you mix w/water, or for slowing down the process half milk or vinegar w/water. It gets hard quickly. While I like joint compound the water putty adheres to lots of surfaces, especially wood, and is sandable, paintable and doesn't chip.

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That is looking good . I use that wood putty when I made little crosses and flowers and so on in candy molds.

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VEEERY NICE! While cleaning out my shed, I came across some nice plywood that I had hidden from Hubby(Mr. Tosseverythingout!) I don't have a scroll saw, but I do have a nice jigsaw!;-)

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I used a jig saw and a band saw. You can do it all w/a jig saw. The nicho is almost finished - hope to post a picture of it finished today.

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Think it's finished, and I can't wait to start another one, using the statue in photo.
Nicho Finished

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfect! WOW! Love those tacks!!! And way to use all those metal items!!! Perfect paint job! And those hearts have something stamped on them?! Just Lovely, Slow! This is the best yet!!!

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Thanks, CALAM: Yes, all the metal hardware came from my favorite hardware store near the Hacienda Mosaico - LOVE that place. I'm gonna load up as much as my weight allowance w/allow next time I go - hopefully in March, but there has been no interest in the workshop I want to take. I may go to the artist's place cuz I NEED to learn to solder. I have a gillion things I could put into Gypsy Jewelry.

The paint - I put on was Olympic paint from Lowes - Mountain Lake, then used a glaze over that. The leaves and sides of the heart were painted w/Lumiers paint. I found a great place on-line to order it - very cheap. The decoupage on the hearts is text from a Christmas card - Biblical names for Jesus - King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Immanuel, Saviour, etc. I made the paper mache cross last year and never found an appropriate place to put it until now. Started another nicho yesterday - got it all cut out, but awoke this morning w/a different idea - grooaaannn!!! No clue where my crazy brain w/take it today.

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Love these! You are so very talented!

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