Help! Vinyl double-hung windows hard to open and close?

slc2053June 23, 2008

We have white, vinyl, double-hung windows that were installed years ago. But over last couple a couple of years a couple the windows are getting hard to raise and lower and the sound in the window is like your hitting speed bumps as you raise and lower it.

Someone said there is a special "tool" you need to get to adjust these windowsÂothers say there is something you can access within the window and make the adjustment without any special tool.

Can anyone advise meÂbetter yet, have a photo of what I need to do?? Thanks!

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Due to the fact there are several different balance systems that have been used over the years, it would be helpful if you post the brand of window you have. If you cannot tell what the brand is, a visual description would be the next best thing.

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Here is the window....

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OK. you have Caldwell Stainless Steel Sipral balances. Thery are quite commmon in older replacement windows.
After a while they fail and have to be replaced. I beleive they are available on line along with the proper adjustment tool. From the sounds they are making they need to be replaced and just adjusted.
You figure the size you need by measuring them tip to tip.

Find a source and they are EZ to replace.

The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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Thank you for responding...Does this look right...after searching a bit, this is all I could find online...

If so, are there installation instructions anywhere for this sort of thing...??


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