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flagtruckAugust 24, 2009

Here is the site that Crystal and her photos linked to and I love everything this lady does. I am presently coating sections of the pool noodles with mortar and sticking them on rebar to dry. I think then I will mosaic them and probably add saucers with holes drilled in them as spacers. Don't know yet, still playing with this. I call them totems and Slow is calling them a fence.

Here is a link that might be useful: Totems/fence?

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Oh, I can see why you love those!

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WOW!!! Her stuff is amazing!!! I like the idea of pool noodles...keep it comin'!!! Ahhhh, Not Another Project!!!??? Help me!!!

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I love all do you get a price list or a catalogue...I couldn't find how? LOVE her stuff!

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Gypsy-check her site for a phone # or get in touch with Crystal either here or on Carls. She just did a show with this lady. I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to do something like this but not all ceramic. I do a lot of ceramics but I would not have the patience or the tools to do all that clay work. Slow has done the start of one of the totems with metal lath. So far I have coated pool noodles with crete and will paint or mosaic them. Today I cut foam into circles and scallops for spacers and will need to get a hole in them then cover with crete. I have also thought of using two saucers glued together face ot face and holes drilled in them to slide on the rebar and act as spacers.I think a mosaiced gourd would make a nice topper with the metal lath leaves below it. Tons of possibilities. Crystal did not know how expensive these were, I would love to have a dozen and I know you would too, as you have lots of space for them in your acreage.

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