More Light Blocks

cindilooAugust 4, 2008

As promised, here are a couple more light blocks I've made.

I was so worried about the cuts fitting just right on the butterfly, but it turned out pretty good, I think. And next time I will seal the pitty vit tiles before grouting....geez, that was too much cleaning for my taste:

I started out by grouting this little guy in charcoal and it just dulled the whole thing, so I did a color wash with this blue, looks better, I think. It still needs some cleaning. I sure like just painting the sides and the backs of the block rather than glueing something and grouting the whole block!

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I really, really like these alot.
I really, really like the fishy.
He really, really needs to come to my house.

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Cindiloo, how fantastic!! You are really rockin those out now. too too cool. Love the flutterbye and of course, little fishy has my number. Such great ideas and great cutting.
Now what do you mean about doing a color wash cuz you didn't like the charcoal grout?? I would love to know how to do that sometimes. when I choose a wrong color.

I crown you the Queen of Light Blocks!! Great job, keep them coming. How many more to go??/ Are these going to be presents for Christmas ??

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I ditto everyone's comment. Your light blocks are fantastic. The fishy is so cute.

Question for you, what kind of paint are you using on the glass?

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Those look great ! You did real good.

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Thank you all for such nice comments. Queen? Not hardly, more like a lady in!
I think the correct way to do a color wash is to dilute the paint with water in a spray bottle and spray it on, let it set for a minute or two, then wipe the paint off the tess. BUT...I diluted the paint with water and brushed it on...I had to do several coats. Next time I am going to try sponging it on.
I just used acrylic paint. I sponged it around the sides and back of the glass block..did 2 coats. Then used a glossy grout sealer on the whole thing..sponged that on, too. The sponge has become my new favorite tool!

I got the lights put in earlier this evening, they both look so nice with the lights, unfortunatley, no matter how many different ways I try, I can't get a decent picture :(

My original idea was to make a bunch to sell at one of the local Christmas bazars in Nov. Not sure if I'll get enough done for this year.

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CINDI: I don't know how you cut/grind that glass to fit so perfectly. AND, how in the hay do you clean the vit tiles so perfectly? I NEVER get all the grout from mine. Too lazy to work long/hard w/it, so I chalk it up to rusticity.

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these are gorgeous cindi! and yes, what slow said, how do you cut the glass so perfectly? what do you use? your glass cutting is amazing and it's really inspiring me to want to try using glass. all I have are tile nippers and a hammer so Im guessing theyre not the right tools for the job LOL :)

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These are really fantastic. I know you will sell these, probably faster than you can make them. Have you tried taking a picture in a completely dark room with the block lit and taking off the flash? You will probably need a tripod...and yes you are the "Queen of Light Blocks" Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it.

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You ladies are all just too kind...Thanks!
SLOW...I think the magic to good cutting is the ring saw, lol! Getting that black grout off the green vit was a PITA for sure! I'm going to try sealing the vit before grouting next time and see if that helps.

TRANCE, it's the ring saw. I have a Taurus 3,.
Gryphon makes a nice one, too

EGGSHELLLADY: Thanks for the tips. I did try that, but all you could see were a few bright lights...Maybe I wasn't far enough away.

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OMG! Your work is just amazing! your cuts are perfect, and the designs are so beautiful! You are a wonderful artist...
Love to see your work.....can't wait to see more!

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I just have to keep coming back and looking at these, they are just so cute!

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