took down ceiling fan to paint,can't remember how wires conn

cateyanneFebruary 26, 2012

I recently took my ceiling fan down from the kitchen to paint and when i went to reattach it, I've forgotten what wires attach to what. I thought it would be easy to remember so i didn't write it down, duh! It is a fan and light fixture. From the ceiling it has a black, and a red wire and a white wire, which seems to have another wire wrapped with it that has no colored covering. I think i remembered the white and red wrapped together, but now I'm not so sure.And the fan has a white, a blue and a black wire coming out of it. The blue and black were hooked together, so when I removed them I twisted them together on their ends to remind myself. There was also a green wire attached to the fan at one end, and the metal box at the other end, which I detached from the fan and left attached at the one end to the metal box the fan hooks to. Now of course I can't remember where the green wire attached to the fan. It is an older fan that turns on at the switch plate on the wall. It has no remote, just manual fan and light pulls. I was going to try to attach it with partial memory but don't want to make an electrical mistake. Can anybody please help me figure this out?



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My first comment is: WHY do so many people do this???

How was it switched? One or two switches?

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Thanks for the comment, but I'm already saying that to myself.
There is one switch on the wall. It turns on the fan. IF I want to turn the fan off and leave the light on, I can do it at the fan only, with the pull chain. Same goes for the light if I want only fan. All turns off at the single switch at the wall. My big problem is the green wire. What could it have been attached to on the fan? if it was at all. Thanks

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The green wire is the safety ground. It hooks to a green wire from the fan. If no green fan wire present then it fastens to the metal chassis/frame of the fan.

It's only purpose is to return the electricity to the circuit breaker and trip it in case of a fault that puts the juice on a part of the fan that you could normally touch.

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