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farmgirlinkyJune 16, 2012

Does any one of you have experience with Spenserworks storm windows? 'Cause I have questions for you: 1) How do you like them? And 2) how do you wash the exterior of the lower, sliding glass panel, since when it is lowered it is behind the fixed screen panel, and when it is raised it is behind the upper, fixed glass panel? Do you really take the entire storm sash off the hooks from which they hang in order to take the lower glass panel out of the assembly entirely in order to wash it? Really? For the second and third floors, too? Or do we just figure that the lower, exterior glass need never be washed since it is screened anyway? Or just blast water at the screen to sort-of-clean the exterior lower glass panel? And 3) is low-e glass worth it? Mighty heavy, though. And 4) Do you miss being able to lower the upper sash of your original double-hung windows for improved ventilation, as well as better security (on the first floor in a town with some security issues) and privacy (with bottoms-up shades in place)?

Does anyone have experience with Adams Architectural storm windows with top and bottom interchangeable glass and screen panels? Are you pleased with them, and how do you use them? Is the switch arduous, so much so that you tend not to switch the panels in and out seasonally? Or must you hire a local baseball team to rotate glass/screen for you twice each year? Is it more realistic to resign yourself to just opening the bottom sash of your double-hung windows, and put in a lower storm/screen combo with a fixed glass panel above?

Thanks very much! Xoldtimecarpenter, or Oberon, I hope you'll weigh in with your experience and observations. We have been mulling the storm/screen window question for years now, but as I type the housepainter is outside scraping 100 years of old paint off our double-hung windows, 40 of them. The ugly aluminum triple-track storms are gone, and good riddance. We're hoping for another thirty years in this Connecticut house, and never want to go through another arduous renovation! This house has been a ten-year project so far, working from the inside out, but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least we hope it is the end of the tunnel, and not an oncoming train.

Thank you in advance, fellow GW denizens, for your 2012 updated experience.


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I know that over at Old House Web, a number of folks swear by their Adams storms.
I don't see the need for interchangeable screens in both upper and lower positions; lower screens should fill the bill nicely, except in rare circumstances where you need to open the upper sash for ventilation. (Like I do in my attic dormers). I bring this up because it is also a less expensive option.

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Low-e glass is certainly worth the investment and does not make any difference in the weight (none that you can measure) of the unit.

I will defer to the other posters on the remaining questions but many of them seemed to be personal preference questions as well.

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Re low-e glass: in heating domiminated climates, 2/3 of dual pane wood window heat loss is due to thermal radiation via the glass. Hard coat low-e will reflect around 85% of this radiation back into the room. It's one of the more cost effective things out there.

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Hi farmgirlinky - did you ever get your storm windows? I'm doing research now on storms for our old house windows, and considering Adams, Spencerworks and Allied. I have a lot of the same questions you had. I'd appreciate reading about your experience, and anyone else's who happens upon this thread.



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