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Imsunflwr1August 18, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that the order of ceramic tiles that I mentioned arrived and I am thrilled! It all worked out just fine and the tiles are beautiful! Love the colors! I've tried pricing them and I feel like I got a pretty good price. They're not frost proof, but I've already resolved to the fact that I'll have to bring the sphere in for the winter anyway so I'm ok with that.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Olean Brights

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Ooh, looks like you got the green apple? I love that color. But yikes, is it really $115 a case?

Regardless, enjoy! What fun!

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Yes, it is but Mosaic Studio Supply sells similar (if not the same tiles) for $15.75/sq ft = $196.88/carton (and WitsEnd's ends up being $23.31/sq ft! Also the shop in Chicago could have ordered it for me, but that would have been $191.25/carton so I thought it was a pretty good price. The 2 larger tiles are the Crossville "Color By Numbers" that I drove into Chicago for.

I nipped up a yellow tile this afternoon for petals. What do you think?

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OMG I absolutely love it! What you've done is exactly why I love the 4" ceramic tiles. You can play in a way we can't always do with the little 3/4" vitreous. I think that sunflower is going to be adorable. What are you going to put it on?

And you did that with standard nippers or the wheeled ones? I've got standard nippers, wheeled nippers, then this nipper that scores the tile first then you break the tile along the score line. I've tried all three on ceramic and I think the scoring one worked best, though often when trying to make shapes like this sometimes they crack where I didn't want them and I've got to start all over. Did that happen with any of yours?

Can't wait to see what you do with this!

Oh, and not sure if you thought about this, but I've used my Dremel to smooth down the edges. It works really good, depending on the effect you're looking for.

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Thanks Lori! I have the nippers you mentioned. I used my tile cutter to cut the 4x4 into strips. Then drew the petals with my Sharpie and used the wheeled nipper to shape it. That's my favorite nipper. Great idea about the dremel. I have one, but have never used it. The sunflower is for my sphere fountain. I want to do an allover floral with late summer flowers and bugs! LOL! At least that's the plan. I'm going to do the sunflowers first then see what else will go where. Unfortunately I'll have to chop up the bowl footers so they'll lay flat against the sphere.

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What beeeeeeeuuuuuuutiful colors. Love what you've done already, and am sooooooo anxious to see WIPs of your fountain. I was doing a little searching last night - Googling alcohol inks. This is an effort to make some nice colors on some of the white tiles I have on hand. Have y'all done any alcohol ink colorings? Some on Flickr are using them, and it looks interesting.

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Thanks Slow!

I've never heard of alcohol ink, but looked it up on YouTube and watched a few interesting tutorials. Looks like fun with lots of potential!

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Hey Lori! It worked! I bought this tile cutter (Amazing Tile & Glass Cutter) online and it showed it could cut wavy lines. All the broken tiles up top were my first attempt... I scored some relief cuts and it worked out just great! It was hard to see my pattern so I didn't score exactly on the line, but it broke right on the scoreline and that's what counts. One thing I learned is to score from the top down and I think I need to press a little harder when I score. Will practice more... Have you used yours yet?

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Oh, I don't know how I missed this last comment! My apologies!

To answer your question, I do have one of those cutters. I got it at our county fair, of all places. It's what I use to make curved ceramic tile cuts. It does work great. It is tricky to get those petals though. I kept chopping off the top grrrr. I love how you showed the whole tile and how you made the cuts. I'm not sure that's how I was doing it, but I will going forward. Yours came out beautifully! Oh, and I love the color!

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