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hootervilleJune 1, 2010

Two of my "Low E" Casement vinyl windows have fogged. I contacted Hurd regarding the warranty and was told:

SORRY! Hurd bankrupted a part of the company (the part that held the warranties) and they no longer "honor" their responsiblity for Hurd windows sold before a certain date. My windows had a ten year warranty but after just four years I have junk! How can they still operate using the Hurd name and just DUMP THE WARRANTY??????? THAT IS DISHONEST...BEWARE...DON'T BUY HURD.

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The company went completely out of business, all the assets were sold to a new company who also purchased the name. I do not see what is so hard to understand about that, yes it sucks but it happens everyday in some sort if business.

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We are in the same boat...spent a fortune on HURD windows because they were supposed to be so energy efficient. Now getting to the end of our 10 year warranty too and not sure how we are going to replace the 4 windows that are fogged.

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