3 phase inverter

combworkFebruary 26, 2013


I'm a newbe, live in the UK and just found this forum on the internet.

I'm self employed, work on my own and use a 3 phase inverter in the workshop. 240 volts in, 3 phase out. No makers name. Maximum load 13 amps. It's worked fine for the last 4 years then last night although it made the usual noises (switch on then a few seconds later a relay clicks and I've got power) neither motor on the Tool & Cutter grinder would work. I've checked the socket pins on the inverter; all 3 show approximately 300 volts between each pin and earth.

I disconnected the low power motor and wired it direct to the inverter; still nothing.

Next step is to check inside the inverter again (power off, leave it for a minute for the capacitors to discharge) find the relay, check the connections and clean the contacts. 9 times out of 10 when solid state things fail, it's the switches that are most likely to cause trouble. Is there anything else I could do before getting it expensively overhauled?

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Apparently some nameplate information is available- the amperes, for example. If the model number is readable, type it into a Google search and those results may show the name of the manufacturer.
I never had one to fail and thus no experience with repairs. Replacement might be the best choice and is always an option.

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Is that 240v single phase in, 240v 3-phase out?

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You may find a new variable speed drive less expensive than trying to repair what you have.

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