Any comments on Home Depot installed windows?

pluto89June 12, 2010

My husband works as a window installer for Home Depot during his down days as a remodeling contractor. All installers are required to be insured and are throughly checked out. They are assigned installs days or weeks ahead of time and are rated for their workmanship. There is a set bidding! Home Depot goes over and above to make sure the customer is happy. If you have conflicts with your assigned installer you can request a different installer to repair any problems you may have encountered. Some customers will just have a few windows installed at first and then finish off the rest of the windows at another time and request the same installer. If doubtful dealing with Home Depot this is a great option.

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That's the Home Depot line. Unfortunately, too often it doesn't work like that. If it did there wouldn't be so many cutomers complaining and I wouldn't see so much sub-par work. You can call a pig a dog but, it doesn't make it true. Nice try though.

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Home Depot. Well, I purchased 5 windows from Window World, and saw that the installer cracked the brick vineer when he tried to pull the metal window frames out. Ran him off and told him not to come back. Purchased 8 Simonton windows from Home Depot that cost more money, but the job was done right and they look great. As soon as I get these paid for, I am going to replace the WW windows with more Simonton from Home Depot.

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You might try the Simonton Reflections 5500 or the Prism Platinum from a local dealer. Might get a better price and probably a better install. Most of the highly skilled installers don't need HD's business. They are able to get their own through referrals and a good reputation. Not saying HD doen't have some good installers, it's just that they have too many hacks in the mix to take a chance. A local installer can give you references on jobs he personally installed and you can check them out. With HD, you won't know anything about the skills of the person doing the install.

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Have a private contractor price out the job.

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this is good advice.. i was just about to go home depot, the guy is coming to give me a bid tomorrow.. now i just need to find a good company in orlando anyone heard of FAS Windows & Doors and if they are any good.. there are some good reviews online but one terrible one too

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I'll second almost everyone here. You are usually better off with a private window company/contractor. Home Depot or any of the boxes (Window World included) is real hit or miss.

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