Mirrored obelisk...the form

taigen_gwAugust 28, 2009

Well I picked up the form last night and I put the sealer on it today so that is why it looks green. It is the stuff they recommened at the store and I figured if it bled through a little green into the grout it really shouldn't matter too much because it will be in the garden.

The gentleman that made the form for me added extra length to the legs thinking I could sink it into the ground further...but it is going on a large rock so I will just chop those off a bit. He was concerned the wind would just carry it off in a storm...but I think it should weigh a good amount with all the mosaic on it? It is 6' tall not including the legs and each side is 18". I will let it dry well before doing anything else....but I have to admitt I am getting anxious to start it LOL!! I really hope it turns out like I envision it to. I will be hitting a lot of fall yards sales etc. for mirrors now!

Thanks for all the info you guys gave. I will keep you posted.

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I wrote you a long response and got interrupted b4 it got sent. So, will do it again. I love the shape and form of this. Whoever built it did a good job. I get all my mirror from the dumpster at the glass shop and at yard sales. Most of the yard sales have quite large ones that people have taken out of bathrooms. Here I never pay more that a few dollars for them. Then I lay them out on my worktable and start scoring with my glass cutter. I usually get it into smaller manageable sections before trying to cut it smaller. If you want to do bigger pieces on yours you can just about cut to size. Glass and mirror shops will usually give you their mistakes and scraps or sell them to you at a very reasonable cost. I am still eyeing my metal oblisk and I think it shall soon be in for a transformation. I believe I will use the metal frame and cover it with 2 layers of metal mesh and cement like my tall column and then add mirror. I will have to figure out a ball for the top. Are you going to work on this in place or try to move it after you have it mosaiced? It seems that everything I do weighs tons when I finish so I have started doing a lot of it in place. The door I did now stays locked and is not used since it is so heavy. LOL
Good luck and keep us posted.

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Let the games begin!

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i love the shape of that, but it would scare me to death to just have it sitting on a rock,, will you secure it to the rock in some form or another, like strong glue or screws. would hate to see all your hard work knocked down in a strong wind. am looking forward to watching the progress on this.

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I think Flag has a point...the weight of mirror is super heavy...Where You Goin'? NOWHERE!!!lol!! And what about the sealer issue...wouldn't want you to get it all done and it falls apart...I'd do as Flag recommended, and slurry coat some mortar(maybe drywall tape or mesh too?) on first...especially since you have the harsh winters...I just want you to have success with this project as it will be such a beauty in that lovely yard of yours!!!! I'm glad you took a pic of it outside where we (Us people with Bone Dry yards) can see a nice garden...green grass!!!!lol! I've been doing some Much needed weeding and pruning back of stuff...so it looks a bit better but man, I just start loosing interest in the whole weeding thing around the beginning of July!!!lol! Sad! Plus my Hubby is The Water Police!!!arg!!! Anyhoo, I hope you check into that sealer/adherance issue...Jane

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I am sure there are no hurricanes where she is and it would take that to topple this baby after it is mirrored. I know that the bigger they are the more they weigh...ugh, my columns are a prime example. I think on a slab of concrete or rock will be quite enough. Onward and upward.

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Actually we had hurricane Bill last weekend and this weekend we have what is left of Dan to deal with LOL...so we do get storms for sure. I am on the east coast of Canada. I have been toying with various ideas of how to secure it but I hope it will weigh a substantial amount to help with that. I may end up having to change its location so I can put rebar into the ground to secure it? Just different thoughts going on right now I guess.

I will put a slurry coat on like flag suggested before I bring it into the house. Then I will just putter away at it. I don't plan on grouting it till next spring when it can be outside, I think that will help with carrying it out, when it shouldn't be quite so heavy.

Today because of tropical Dan I think I will take some time to work on various designs that I might do. I should also trace out the shape onto bristol board too. Seeing this in person has my creative side running wild right now!

The gentleman that did this really did do a great job on it blending all the angles smoothly etc. I am extremely pleased with the result. We are already discussing a way to make one with removable frames so I could put stained glass panels in and a flood light inside! But that project is for another time haha.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my garden...I live outside in the summer, I really enjoy the ponds and gardens a lot. Once gardens are established the weeds aren't a big deal.

Flag I hope you can figure out a way to use your metal obelisk to do the same thing. I'm sure after seeing some of your work it would be just an amazing piece for you. I will try and post my design ideas later if I get a chance and you guys can hopefully give me your thoughts about them.
Thanks again all.

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PONDS!!?? Oh Oh, I know it's not a pond forum ,,,but maybe you have a pic to share? for a pond wannabe like me, to inspire me, we could always talk about what kind of pond mosaics we want to put near a pond...that would still be a mosaic topic...Jane

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