Replacement windows in Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas

86GTIJune 14, 2013

Hello all....
First off let me start by saying a big "THANK YOU" to all the regular contributors for a very informative forum. I managed to gather a lot of very good information from your past answers to queries posted here.

Well, it seems that time has come to change my Aluminium contractor-special windows in my 1996-built home, since the balance mechanism in the ones that we open daily (5 of them) had broken, and they will not stay open anymore.
After a lot of reading I had decided to go with either OKNA 800 or Soft-Lite Elements or Imperial LS depening on how high/low the quotes would be. However, to my disapointment, after calling OKNA and SL trying to locate a dealer, I found out that neither do business in TX :-(
If anyone out there is familiar with the Texas market, what suggestions do you have? What other brands and equivalent models to the above, should I look into?
In total, I currently have :13 SH, 2 sliders, 5 (rather small) rectangular and 2 semicircle fixed windows.
Thanks, GTI.

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Paging Randy...
Randy at Ultra is a contributor here and would be the guy to talk to in TX. Not sure if he serves your area, but I'm certain that he could provide some great insight even if he does not :)

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Where is Randy...?

Soft-Lite pulled out of Texas just recently.

Okna may be moving into that area but that remains to be seen just yet.

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Right now, the only premium grade of vinyl window that's available in Texas is Sunrise. After that you have mid-grade options like Don Young, Burris, Simonton, NT. Don Young offers a TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) package vinyl window with a lot of aluminum reinforcement, that is worth of consideration.

As WoW said, Okna may be here soon, but it's probably still three or four months away unfortunately.

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