WET location covers: keep the foam gasket, or toss?

fixizinFebruary 10, 2011

These thin black foam gaskets don't look sturdy enough for the long-haul here in the intense sun, intense rain sub-tropics. A telco buddy turned me on to the excellent RTV silicone they use, called "B-Sealant"; skins quickly, to avoid dust, but remains uncured for a long working period, to facilitate mating of parts.

He says they use the stuff everywhere outdoors, on everything--caps, covers, those slit rubber ports with cables passing through, high amperage power cables, etc.--and it's good for 10+ years, REAL LIFE, not "caulk tube marketing years", lol. (Seriously, in what sheltered lab do they derive that "50 year" figure on the $1.99 latex caulk? Stuff goes from caulk-to-chalk in like 4 years in So-Fla...)

Thanks in advance.

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If the box is really exposed it will not matter much.

Condensation forms no matter how well you seal them against liquid water entering.

The AHJ could gig you if you omit the supplied gasket.

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Good point, AHJs tend to see things one way--THEIRS... I was only thinking of the box-to-cover seal... there's also the GFCI-to-cover seal further in... don't want much/any goo on recep itself.

Gasket PLUS RTV it is! Thanks.

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