Can't close Pella casement window...any ideas why?

jgseasonJune 1, 2010

We bought our house last fall and have been having problems closing some of the windows. They are 20 year old Pella casement windows, and the problems have been with the ones that open by sliding the inner side along the bottom window frame, so that the window is at the center point when it's completely open (I don't know if that makes sense, but what I'm trying to describe is a window that doesn't open out at a 90 degree angle).

Today, I discovered that the reason some of them haven't been closing is because the bolt that attaches the hinge to the bottom window frame has become stripped and allowed the hinge to get loose. Tightening up the bolts as best I can (until I can get to the hardware store to buy replacements) has fixed the issue with all except one of the windows. The bolt is tight, but I still can't close it. I can crank it to about 1 inch from being completely closed, and then it just gets stuck. This is a second floor window, so I can't get outside to investigate from the other side.

Anyone experienced this same issue and have any ideas what the problem might be?

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wonder if you'll find rot like we did when dh did get up on our big ladder...i don't know if we didn't paint well enough on the interior side or what..ours are alum clad...they're not difficult to replace, except you're 2 stories up! dh did have a habit of leaving it open alot, including in the winter (se mi)

i don't think our window is quite that old, though...

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