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toomuchglassAugust 18, 2012

I've taken some pics of the WIP . It's coming along great! Last night I laid in the foreground , today I don't like it. ( it figures ) I'll be tearing it off . So here's a few ongoing pics :

The beginning sketch & frame.

I'm just getting started ( yes - that's vodka & lemonade - my "daffy Juice" LOL )

Here it is , alittle more done on it .

This is as far as I got :

After I rip out the pieces I don't like , I'll add the next photo :)

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Looking great!!

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Oh, this is amazing! I love what you're using for the chrome. That really makes a statement. All those tiny pieces! I'd need a vodka to do such detail work too! LOL

Looking great. Fun to see your process like this.

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Thanks for posting your progress! I look forward to seeing more; it's looking excellent.

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Wow! I really love the details. It is awesome.

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