help with installing fixture in bathroom HELP!

mooieFebruary 18, 2012

I took down a ceiling fan/light to put up a pendant light. Everything was going smoothly til I got to the wiring. There were two lines coming in, one I assumed was for the light and one for the fan. (It was all on one switch, tho) So I thought, well, I'll try each one to see which is the one I need.

I've tried every combination there was, only one worked with the exception that it wouldn't shut off!! The one thing I didn't do was wrap the 2 different lines together and then add on the fixture wiring. I've installed a lot of fixtures and have never run into this before. Maybe there's something at the switch box I need to move?

Hope someone has some ideas that will help! I'm done working with it til I find something out. Thanks!


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Most probably the one that worked is the hot in. The white on that line will go on the fixture. The black on that line will go on the white to the switch. The black from the switch will go to the fixture.

Open up the switch and see if there is a black and white hooked to the switch. If so, this should work.

The white line on the switch and hooked to the black at the fixture should be marked black. Probably not if this is old work.

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It worked! thank you! I wasn't thinking that one of those lines was power and the other was switch. Made sense after that! thanks again!

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