Anyone have a Nana Wall or Marvin Infinity door?

jemlafoyJune 20, 2010

My husband is firmly set on installing one of these in our new remodel. It would be at the end of our living room where there is a very nice lake view and lead to the deck; the wall is approx 14'. Here is the catch: we live in Seattle! I just can't imagine enough days in the year where we will have the darn thing open, and actually when it is very warm here, we will be using A/C, so that nixes the open doors. My challenge is that he has pretty much deferred all of the design and selection of the everything in the house to me, and this is one of very few things that he wants. If I could get some feedback from any of you who have this type of system in your homes, perhaps I can persuade him to forego the folly and plan a nice family vacation to Italy instead!!! (I am open to both sides here, too- if you love love love yours- please tell me why)

BTW- the cost compared to the overall project is not a huge percentage, and DH pointed out that if we don't do the Nana/Marvin, then we will still have the cost of french doors and windows, so the net additional cost is around $5-8k.



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I have seen only a few of these installations here in Vancouver and can tell you that the few days or weeks you can open your home to the outside would be well worth the investment.

A NanaWall door system makes your home and your yard one space. Currently we are doing the waterproofing and tile work on a large exterior up in West Vancouver and the end result will be fantastic!

John Whipple
North Vancouver

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Here is a great picture gallery of a NanaWall sliding door system being installed.

Talk about letting in the fresh air!!!

John Whipple
North Vancouver

Here is a link that might be useful: NanaWall Installation Pictures - step by step

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Here is a link that might be useful: Second link

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Very nice.

I will sit down before I ask about how much they run...

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and when you sit down make sure the chair is comfortable and has a good back to it!

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