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ddggJune 29, 2009

We have double paned windows that are aging and a bit leaky. It is a waterfront home and very sunny on the side of the house I am considering. Is it feasable to install tinted storm windows on the interior, or exterior of these larger double paned windows? They are about 45 inches wide by 60 inches long or so. The top part does not open, so actually the length would be shorter, as I would like to leave the bottom part alone so we could open the windows with ease. That would be about the bottom 24 inches or so.

After all that rambling, just wondering if you could install storm windows on top of double pane. Thanks.


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You will very likely cause a seal failure and will definitely void any warranty you might have. If they are vinyl windows you will probably cause the vinyl to warp. You will also reduce the energy efficiency in Summer.

All in all, it's a bad idea.

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How the system will be installed and work will depend on the current windows you have. You can get new insulated glass wood and aluminum clad windows with storm windows from the factory and you have a 20 year warranty on the glass. If you have a windows of this kind I think you would be fine. If your windows are vinyl you have a disaster waiting to happen.

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Pop the sashes out and bring em to local auto glass tinting shop?

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