Okna vs Earthwise - American Window & Glass

happygirl323June 16, 2013


I'm replacing 17 windows and have received several bids. I have narrowed it down to Okna or American Window & Glass. I'm looking at 13 double hung, 2 picture windows and 2 awning windows.

I would be interested in hearing about peoples experiences with either window. Also I will be replacing the siding as well. Should I look at new construction windows instead of replacement windows?

Thanks for your help!

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What are your existing windows? Wood, Vinyl, metal, etc.?

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I currently have single pane wood windows.

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If you want the most glass that you can get back, you can go full tear out/new construction.

You will need to figure on the added expense of all new interior trim but it is certainly an option.

As far as the window comparative, I tend to think that the Okna window is one of the top 3 vinyl windows made today.

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+2 for okna. The Earthwise group generally offers solid products, but the okna is an elite level choice. Regarding install method, you are typically gonna pay a premium of $200 give or take to go full tear out. Most folks find that hard to swallow... Makes sense though if you are already replacing you siding or interior trim anyway.

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When HomeSeal mentioned AT LEAST an additional $200 for new construction, he is referring to each window. it could be more depending on the circumstances.

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Thanks for the insight. I have been leaning towards Okna mainly because I wasn't able to find any info on the Earthwise group but that changed recently and the windows seem to be fairly solid. The caveat is that there's a network of builders and each one implements the design differently. I'll stick with the okna and get a price on the full tear out. Replacing the interior trim won't be a deal breaker for me.

Thanks again!

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