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msbumbleJanuary 25, 2010

Have any of you created (or found) attractive solid wood cd storage? I would prefer wall-mounted because floor space is at a premium, but the commercially available products rarely hold enough cd's to be worthwhile. That or they hold hundreds and take up an entire wall. I'm looking for something in between with hand-crafted style. Suggestions? Thanks.

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Whether anyone will suggest you start with cardboard template to get ideas I don't know. It's what I did on
the advice of my college student architect graduate roommate.

I used heavy cardboard like from cereal boxes. Glued them
together to get the shapes I wanted while also making
drawings of what I expected to get. When I was done the
project seemed so much easier and yes, it did get finished.


You might get other suggestions here.

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You should get your digital camera and begin to take photos
of waht you like. Learn what features you like. You won't
know until you analyze what you've shot. Also use google
images to search for images of things. They don't have to
be CD holders. Consider, historically, what else are
CD sized and have been held.

CD don't hve to be in the plastic cases. They can be in
plastic, non vinyl , envelopes. I persoally like the
300 CD, 60 page, binder witih only CD's held in the
non-vinyl holders. Vinyl deterorates and dissolves the
printing on the CDs. You'll want something 'better'
which is not hard to find.

If you get exceited you can buy for $20 a sealer and make
your own holders for the CD's by welding shut the
envelopes to the right sizes .

Why not share some ideas here using

to host photos of ideas you have.

Maybe you'll invent something new.

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