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qs777June 19, 2010

We are installing a non-opening trapezoid vinyl window with an outside trim flange (although it is a new opening). The instructions for this window are not very clear. They tell us to bend nails over the flange to secure which doesn't sound very watertight. No mention is made of screwing the window in anywhere else. In operational windows, there is a channel to screw into but this window is sealed all of the way around since it doesn't open. Is there something we are missing or should we have received some type of installation clips? Any help is appreciated.

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Forgot to mention we have stucco on outside.

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Windows on Washington

Pictures will help get more of a response.

What is a new opening? i.e. new construction window and rough framing?

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Yes, it is a new opening and we have the rough framing in place, but the window is a replacement window and not a nail fin. The interior jamb is only 1 1/8" deep and is finished (I was hoping maybe it was a covering that would pop off) so I don't think we could put any screws there although no one would see them if that is our only option since the window is about 11 ft. off of the ground.

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In your first post, you said it had a nail fin and in your last post, you say it is "not a nail fin". Which is it?
Without pictures and going by your description, if you are trying to put a replacement window (block frame/no fin) into a new opening, you have the wrong type of window.
As to your comment about bending the nails over the fin and that not being very water tight: it isn't. That is what caulk and flashing over the fin do. That should be spelled out in your installation instructions. If the instructions you have aren't clear, go to the web site or a web site of a reputable company (Milgard, Marvin etc.) and download their instructions. Installation instructions are somewhat generic. Good luck!

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Thanks for the responses. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear - I had indicated we had a window with an outside trim flange - the decorative part outside - not a nail fin as in new construction. We have installed windows with nail fins and without before. The difference is that this window does not open, therefore there is no channel to put any screws in. All of the instructions I have been able to find only address operable windows. And I had never heard of bending nails over the exterior trim flange as a means of securing. (I didn't mention flashing/caulk as that is always a given around here).
I didn't think it was too much to expect that the instructions actually pertain to the item - even if generic. I guess any possible liability to the company outweighs customer service. At any rate, we made adjustments and were able to adequately secure/weatherproof the window. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!

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