Rivco window replacement with sun-smart

bentapJune 3, 2009

I have Rivco windows in my recently purchased 11 yo home. I am replacing the worst first. I have two questions:

1. I have been told the sun-smart for the northeast is not good. Then I heard the s.sm. allow for seasonal light....keeps light out in the summer, keeps heat in in the winter...anyone know which might be truer for Maine...facing NORTH!!

2.Some of the Rivco windows no longer have screens, and some are badly damaged..Rivco is no longer in business in Maine ( or elsewhere I understand)...can I get replacement screens from another vendor to fit?

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We are a new company providing replacement parts for products formerly produced or distributed by RIVCO.

We can get you replacement screens.

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I bought replacement windows (just the sealed replacement glass) for my house in Maine evidently just before Rivco went out of business. We were in Florida, and I had them put in storage. I've now decided to not just have the glass replaced, so I'm stuck with (i.e., have nowhere to return) 26 24X24 and 2 24X16 brand new windows. Do you possibly need these sizes?

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I am trying to get a verbal quote... i am looking to replace 12 windows in my home... I have a two story cape house house located in mecdhanicsville, va..

please email me back asap.... Just need a ballpark figure..


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