Kleenex box finished with word poly clay

mermaidmosaicsAugust 2, 2008

Ok, I finished my long overdue Mother's Day Kleenex box. My mom said she wanted white tiles so it would fit any where in the house. I seem to lose my creativity button when tied down with a has to be color. So, this is what I cam up with. Gesundheit tile in poly clay was my first batch, got a bit better with the bless you on my second batch, and planning to play again this weekend.

without grout

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WOW, you have been busy lately! This is so lovely! I just love the soft colors and your word tiles are great! Did you also make those pretty pink flowers? I like the textured glass and the seashells and pearls are just perfect! I would want to get a cold just so I could use the kleenex box!

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This is so pretty. I too love the pearls and the seashells. Great job!

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Thanks Cindi and Scoot

Cindi, wish I could say I made the roses and petals but bought a couple dozen on ebay. They are made of polymer clay but I don't think I want to even try to make them. Got to many other things to learn. LOL. It is fun working with the poly clay though.

Oh, I learned something very important working with the clear irridescent ridged tiles. Some I placed with the ridges down, and some with them up. All of the ones with the ridges up became perfect nooks for the grout. It took forEVER to clean the grout out of those!!! And those little squares are Paua shells I got from Kathy at Maryland Mosaics!! Love those colors, I did my medicine chest with them and plan on doing a second one in my other bathroom.

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mermaid, it's gorgeous! your mum is going to love it! those paua shell tiles are so pretty, and I love the shells and beading along the side, it just suits it! are the shells glass as well?

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Really nice! I love your choice of colors and all the fun stuff you added. Can't wait to try the clay. I may get some this week. That's something I could work on till I get
home. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Reall beautiful, MER. That's the sweetest tissue box I've ever seen. Very good choices all around.

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Thanks Gals,

appreciate the thoughts. Trance, yes those are glass seashells. I bought them at Pier One a couple weeks ago on sale, I got a bag full for $1.99. I went looking for huge glass containers to put my shells, and couldn't believe their glass prices, so all I ended up buying was the glass shells. Should have bought two bags because they are really nice and I love all things irridescent!!

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Meant to mention what a nice touch those pearls are w/the shells. I got a whole bunch of those glass shells in a mix at Walmart - in the fake flower section where they have the glass containers. They have the globs, glass gum drop gems, rocks, and occasionally the sea shell, stars, etc.

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What a wonderful piece.
The "feel" of it is definately "comfort".
You did great.

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